IGC flight log file analysis for macOS

GammaFV main window (Dunstable)

View and analyse IGC flight log files on macOS

GammaFV in dock

GammaFV is a native macOS application. Optimised for both Retina and non-Retina displays.


  • macOS 11 (Big Sur)
  • Apple 64bit ARM processors
  • Intel 64bit x86 processors

Global high resolution satellite imagery

GammaFV detailed trace colouring

Extremely useful for determining which ground features were generating lift or sink.

Map can be scaled and panned with Multi-Touch gestures (E.g. pinch to zoom).

Detailed map trace colouring

GammaFV trace style menu

Map trace can be coloured with:

  • Altitude : barometric, 1013.25 mbar
  • Altitude : satellite, WGS84
  • Climb rate : barometric, uncompensated
  • Climb rate : satellite, uncompensated
  • Engine usage : ENL & MOP
  • Glide angle
  • Glide ratio
  • Ground speed : satellite, WGS84
  • Position fix accuracy : 3 sigma, WGS84

Engine usage is derived from the IGC file's Environmental Noise Level (ENL) and Means of Propulsion (MOP) data.

Flight altitude graph

GammaFV altitude graph

Moving the cursor over the altitude graph displays the flight state at the corresponding point in time on the flight information display.

Clicking on the altitude graph places a reference marker from which time/altitude deltas and averages are calculated and displayed.

Altitude graph can be scaled and panned with Multi-Touch gestures (E.g. pinch to zoom).

Configurable between metric (m, km/h) and classical (ft, knots) units systems.

Analyse flights from gliders / sailplanes, hang-gliders and paragliders

GammaFV analysis mode menu

Each flight in a log file containing multiple flights can be analysed separately.


GammaFV is designed with privacy in mind. Your IGC files remain on your Mac and are never uploaded to the internet.

Read the full privacy policy.

Flight information display

GammaFV flight information

Display includes pilot's name, aircraft ID, aircraft type, take-off time, landing time and flight duration.

Flight data export for enginnering analysis

Flight data can be exported to a Comma Seperated Variable (.CSV) file for easy import into scientific / engineering analysis tools such as Python and Mathematica.

GammaFV main window (Regionals)


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  • This software is not certified for, nor intended for use in, flight safety related activities. Such activities include, but are not limited to, pilot hours tracking and airframe flight hours tracking.
  • Anhedral Aerospace Ltd. accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information provided by this software.

Questions and Support

  • If you have questions, need help or have suggestions, then email:
  • Follow @GammaFV on Twitter for the latest announcements and information.